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Human Rhythms team building activities have proved successful with teaching staff and students. School camps, celebration assemblies, staff development days, NAIDOC and Harmony Day festivities and generally any occasion where the goal is interaction and fun!

Drumming is an excellent way for students to learn listening skills, self-awareness, co-operation and patience. It is an immediate form of expression. It is a way to communicate emotion without words. Our facilitators focus on creating a social connection between individuals. Everybody's contribution is acknowledged and everyone is supported within the drum circle. Our drumming circles for schools are a wonderful way for students to connect with each other and with themselves in an inclusive and fun environment.



Increases awareness of non-verbal communication and develops listening skills.


Group drumming is a collaborative, interactive process. It encourages turn-taking and sharing. It connects all members of the group and facilitates working towards a shared goal. Everyone is included.


Drumming is a physical activity. There are various drumming techniques which help develop fine and gross motor skills.


Although group drumming is a fun, interactive activity it requires focus and concentration. It encourages individuals to pay attention and control impulses.

North Beach Primary School has used Human Rhythms for student, parent and staff sessions over numerous years and for numerous purposes. On each occasion the feedback has been outstanding. Mickey develops a terrific rapport with all the participants and before they know it even the reluctant ones are engaged, excited and enjoying every minute. His sessions bring people together and we have been particularly impressed with the way he develops some common ground with participants who are unfamiliar with drumming/rhythms and/or each other. The musicality is terrific and the value is immeasurable. Up there with the best sessions I’ve experienced and suitable for corporate and educational groups. Thanks Mickey!

Steve Pash

Principal - North Beach Primary School

I have used Human Rhythms with groups in two schools now. As a staff team-building activity for 130 people it was amazing to see Mickey get all working perfectly in time without saying a word!


With student groups of all ages and sizes, Human Rhythms has provided us with varied events that get students working well together, inspiring them to engage with activities that build cohesion, morale and are just good fun too. I would recommend Human Rhythms to schools or businesses – a great hand-on accessible learning activity.


Tracy Holmes

Principal - Mandurah Baptist College – Senior School

The students enjoyed the session very much and took away important message with them. Thank you for the wonderful session and yes we’ll contact you again for our next program!

Mary SungEun YUH

Executive / Office of Global Learning

Singapore Institute of Management

A successful team beats with one heart!

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