It’s quick, it’s easy and it packs a punch! Drums, tubes or body percussion…you choose.

No prior musical experience required.

Duration: 15 – 60 minutes  |  Group size: 10-1000 pax  | No venue restrictions


The Human Rhythms team will set the mood for your conference, meeting or workshop, welcoming each delegate into the room by handing them an instrument and have them playing before they even sit down. As they sit, the delegates will be engaged from the first second and within a 5-10 minute period they will be making music, laughing and unified ready for the sessions ahead.


We like to keep it simple, short and effective. Other great options for ice-breakers include our colourful U-tube experience or Body Beats.


Our ice-breakers are also a great way to energise a group during the session or speaker breaks. Our 5 minute pick-me-ups work their magic and get everybody motivated for the next session or speaker.

What to expect on the day?
Key Benefits:
  • Immediate engagement

  • Creates a sense of anticipation and excitement

  • Gets people smiling, laughing and interacting

  • Sets the tone of the conference, meeting or workshop