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An extremely effective team building activity for tight spaces, tight time-frames or tight budgets! Size doesn’t matter – just as effective in large or small groups.
No prior musical experience required.

Duration: 5 – 30 minutes | Group size: 15 – 1500 pax

What to expect on the day?

The U-Tube is a fun activity which is completely inter-active and requires participants to stay in step with each other whilst also focusing on direction from the facilitator.

This activity uses coloured, flexible, plastic tubes. The tubes are cut to different lengths with each colour tube reproducing the sound of a musical scale. Each participant receives a coloured musical tube which is played with the hand. The activity requires participants to follow rhythms instructed by the facilitator. Participants with the same colour tube play the same rhythm.

The facilitator leads the group in creating a musical piece by combining all the different “colour” rhythms. The sound of the tubes is more subtle than the drums and participants need to listen carefully to each other.

A very portable and transportable product suitable for smaller budgets and restricted space. Indoors, outdoors, sitting, standing or even in motion. A fun and interactive method of getting participants from Point A to Point B. We have even conducted these sessions on coaches and trains!

Key Benefits:
  • Increased collaboration and co-operation

  • Increased listening skills

  • Increased focus

  • Enhanced sense of achievement

  • This activity can be done on the move – great to get the blood pumping and the creative juices flowing

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