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This includes all the contents of the TEAM BUILDER but with an added dimension which encourages creativity, collaboration and leadership.

No prior musical experience required.

Duration: 1 – 3 hours | Group size: 15 – 500 pax


The group has been led through a number of rhythms and are now comfortable with the drums. Some participants may even have discovered hidden talents! The group is split into smaller teams and are instructed to create their own unique rhythm.

Our facilitators are on hand to help, encourage and coach where necessary. After a predetermined amount of time, each team performs their new rhythm creation to the entire group. The session finales with our facilitators masterfully conducting the individual teams into one united, fluid entity.

What to expect on the day?
Key Benefits:
  • Highlights collaboration and co-operation

  • Encourages creativity

  • Enhances leadership

  • Facilitates team development

  • Increases social connections

  • Encourages tolerance and acceptance

  • And, once again, it is just good, old fashioned fun!

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